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Withstanding anything, and indissoluble whatever happens, like the relationship with your child or the love of your life. For many, the bond with their favourite football team is that. A true passion, a constant heartbeat that needs an adequate symbol to enshrine its dignity and sentimental value. The symbol of the faithful union with your favourite team. Fedenerazzurra – Rubinia’s first sports-themed line dedicated to one of the most important and represented football clubs in the world, Inter – is exactly that. A tribute of love for your beloved.

The Birth

Not everything originates by chance. Or almost. One day, three years ago, a Rubinia customer asked us to fulfil his greatest desire: that of marrying Inter, with a symbol of union that would remind him of the colours and energy of his team. After a questioning look, and even a laugh, we understood that he was not joking and were intrigued. A few hours later, we began working on what would become the first Fede (Fan) ring the progenitor of the entire project.


The real “Fan” ring

The result is Fedenerazzurra: a ring with a surprising line – like Inter, naturally – with blue sapphires, like the team’s symbolic colour, and three black diamonds, like the legendary treble. We have literally set the elements that made the team’s history great up to this day, leaving you, the fan, the possibility of customizing the jewellery piece to make it even more unique. After all, Fedenerazzurra is a ring designed to seal the marriage between you and your favourite team.


The line

Not only a ring. Fedenerazzurra is a line. Two series: one in silver with 1908 pieces, like the date when the team was founded, and one in gold, with 109 pieces, like the years in which it made us cry and dream. And a formation of other jewels in gold and silver. The Fedenerazzurra line has the honour of being an Inter Official Product. What are you waiting for? Unite yourself to something unique such as Inter!