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“FILODAMORE” was born in 2000: the collection, initially made up of a bracelet, a symbol of union with our loved ones, was developed with jewels characterized by numbers and dates. A collection that focuses on the search for details that are impressed through engraving. Like a tattoo that draws on the body an ideal geographical map of emotions, the collection in gold and silver is a tribute to the moments worth remembering over time. The bracelets, rings and pendants are not just ornaments but become a well-deserved gift, a precious good luck charm: custom-made and unique, just like the wearer. With the magic of the precious, people become attached to places, to certain events, to loved ones and to all family memories. A Filodamore (Thread of Love) tied to something unique, which is you.


The Cupido collection has a highly symbolic value and is full of meanings: it represents the sublimation of the bond that exists between people who truly love each other. Characterised by a gold or silver thread, it represents the iconic Filodamore collection, the one from which everything originated. As a complement to the bangle bracelet, a nappa leather strap is added, to be chosen among all the rainbow colours. Thanks to its sartorial nature, it is possible to add, both to the bracelets and to the rings, one or more Seals, to be chosen among different shapes and sizes, on which it is possible to imprint, on the spot, letters, numbers or zodiac signs; all thanks to the ancient art of stamping. The high quality of this service is guaranteed by Filodamore’s exclusive collaboration with an Italian company, a leader for 50 years in the production and design of marking stamps and accessories. Thanks to this partnership, Filodamore has the possibility of realizing special stamps upon request, thus being able not only to fulfil any desire but also to carry on a historical tradition, combining it with the desire to make its jewellery pieces unique.

Per una lira

Faithful to Filodamore’s concept of tailoring, the authentic Liras are unquestionable protagonists of this collection made up of unique pieces. Since ancient times, coins have been real treasures. Depending on the year in which they were minted, the coins are mounted on pendants, rings and cufflinks, thus lending themselves, like all Filodamore jewellery, to endless interpretations and customizations. Choosing a piece of this collection means being able to identify a coin minted in the year of your birth, marriage, or the year in which your children were born… A trace in time that brings back distant memories simply by wearing a jewellery piece, caressing it or holding it between your fingers.

Numbers and words

The numbers of your heart, your lucky numbers, those tied to important and fundamental dates of your life. Letters, initials, words: written, read, narrated, spoken. Torrents of symbols that overlap in your mind, life, memories; to be kept, worn, imprinted on a jewellery piece. Forever. In an ideal story of the emotions that we live every day. In this collection the different lines respond to the common inclination to be bearers of the numbers, letters, words and symbols of the wearer. Nothing pre-packaged, imposed, suggested.. only white canvases, in gold or silver, on which to imprint what you want… with a single rule: that they are numbers or letters.

Love knots

Since ancient times, the knot has always had an important symbolic value, assuming over the centuries an emblematic consistency that ties it to a myriad concepts and sensations. The symbol of the knot represents an archetype, a deeply rooted ancestral idea: in all cultures the knot has always played an important role going beyond geographical boundaries and cultural limits. Among its many facets, the knot is also a unit of measurement of the speed of ships: in ancient times this quantity was measured by counting the knots that ran along a rope in a certain time. For Filodamore, the knots on that rope are unforgettable moments, those we would like to stop, or to be certain to remember forever… in an ideal unit of measurement of the happiness of your time. And elegant and sophisticated collection, which finds its leitmotif in knots, as natural and indispensable elements of a... “thread of love”.


A symbol of union with your favourite football team. A passion that becomes real and tangible. A Rubinia customer asked us to fulfil his greatest wish: that of marrying the Inter football team, with a symbol of union that would remind him of the colours and energy of his team. That is how FEDENERAZZURA was born: a ring with a surprising line – and, like Inter, to be loved – with blue sapphires, like the team’s symbolic colour, and three black diamonds, like the legendary treble. A ring designed to seal the union between you and your favourite team. Two series: one in silver with 1908 pieces, like the date when the team was founded, and one in gold, with 109 pieces, like the years in which it made us cry and dream. And a formation of other jewels in gold and silver. Inter Official Product.

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