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Filodellavita is the perfect synthesis between style and inspiration.

It was born in 2007 by accident. Twisting a metal thread around a finger several times, this tangle of twists, with all its imperfection, turned into something precious and symbolic: a ring that magically manages to convey the past and present of those who wear it, capturing emotions and giving them back again as an unexpected gift. This ring, which represents an ancient Tibetan tradition – a good luck gift for brides-to-be – not only captures its essence and profound value but returns it as a small contemporary work of art, representing the life of each of us, unique and unrepeatable. Among the characteristics that make the ring unique are: the choice of the metal, which goes from 9kt gold to a special silver-alloy, the number of threads that make up the ring and the preciousness of the diamonds inserted into the bands. The Filodellavita ring represents the lives of every single one of us, and every life is, by definition, as precious as a jewel, because it is different from the next, but all are unique and unrepeatable… Have a good life everyone!

A romantic story


With the Classic collection, a ring that talks about us and our lives, was born. And every life is extraordinarily unique, just like this ring. Gold, silver and pink gold are combined together in a single ring, meeting in a sophisticated embrace. Like two people who come together, offering their time and space. It is the love story par excellence, the most beautiful love story, that ends up being crowned by a riviere of shining diamonds.

Filodellavita Classic Collection

A gutsy story


With the Rock collection, Filodellavita finds itself to be more sensual, bold, provocative… like a “rock”. Burnished silver and black diamonds create a strong and powerful jewellery piece; versatile and unisex. A young version, almost “street style”. This ring can be worn with any look and on any occasion, accompanying your life at an ever-increasing pace, like a penetrating riff of emotion.

Filodellavita Rock Collection

A lively story


With the Prezioso collection, Filodellavita discovers a rainbow of colours to be combined with silver and pink gold. So the rings are dressed in rubies, emeralds, sapphires, white, brown and black diamonds. Fresh and lively colour effects that illuminate with dazzling joy. Precious stones that carry with them all their charismatic meaning and symbolic power.

A never-ending story


With the Carato collection, Filodellavita becomes a triumph of elegance and sophistication. A ring whose sinuous curves are embellished with a magnificent riviere of diamonds, created to seal love and imprint on one’s memory the joy of having found each other. A collection where the jewellery pieces are charged with eternity, carrying with them emotions that will be remembered forever, in order to relive, thousands and thousands of times, the moment of “forever”.

A sweet and tender story


With the Luce collection, Filodellavita celebrates the most beautiful intense and exciting event: the birth of a new life. To mark in an unforgettable manner that moment of immense joy, which remains carved in the heart forever. A ring that is a declaration of eternal love, proof of a unique and unbreakable bond. The hope for a good life to the newborn who came into this wonderful world!

Filodellavita Luce Collection

Filodellavita turns 10


Filodellavita turns 10... To celebrate this important milestone, we have created a new model, a unique ring, a collectible, TEN. Ten threads like the Ten years of our story. Ten rubies, the stone that best represents us. An engraving, like that memory to be carried with you for ever. A rare jewel, like the memories that make up your life.

Filodellavita Ten Collection

A petit story


With the Mini collection, Rubinia invents a new and imaginative way to wear your Filodellavita! A perfect gift for expectant mothers, for the marvellous moments of birth, and for when that baby grows up, for anniversaries, to say I love you, for friends, for every important occasion. Collect and take your Filodellavita Mini rings with you!

Filodellavita Mini Collection

Invent your jewel